Sunday, October 26, 2003


"Python figures out what type a variable is and keeps track of it internally." -- That is soo cool man!!! --jason

These people are gods. I swear they must have a hundred slave girls working for them or something:

People tell me I should state reasons for pasting links and such. Well lets say every time I update the site its likely 3 minutes of time. I don't paste links for nothing. But here are some more good ones. Details and why, I oh so love them later.

Below is a quote from some people who study google. They like to criticize it because Google is the-man in the search engine world, and finding faults becomes more of a challenge and more fun (, about China and their internet censorship. I think it's funny you can't type in the first and last name of an important person who has a government office. Being an incumbent seems so easy, doesn't it.

My concern here is more than speculative, for China's recent
treatment of Google perfectly demonstrates the danger of focused
blocking. When China restored access to Google after ten days of
complete blocking in September, the new Google differed from the old.
As accessed from China, the new Google lacks the ability to search
controversial terms like the names of Chinese political leaders. Searches
using such terms yield no results - and sometimes also cause
a "timeout" of up to thirty minutes when the user's Internet connection
ceases to function. Notwithstanding this problem (and others),
international headlines trumpeted "Google restored to China," and there
is no sign that Google, or anyone else, cares to pursue the issue any
further. It seems that Google, a business that seeks access to the
Chinese market, considers "mostly not blocked" to be good enough. But
for Chinese users seeking impartial information about their political
leaders, the new Google borders on useless.

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