Wednesday, October 22, 2003

Ok, well that's certaintly a lesson to be learned. 24 hours after starting a new blog, the webhost goes down. Wow, let me tell you about new and improved. don't reinvent the wheel. if it works, it work. and blogger (and livejournal) are here to stay. br>
Did MS change the bit size to cause overflow when programming in VB6.

Students Fight E-Vote Firm
This is another bogus spam complaint. The first time: It was a bogus spammer, some religious looney web site who sent spam referring to us and then notified Spamcops. Their web site was not taken out, we were. We were cleared of any involvement and the site restored. The second time, it was a hacker that said "I told you to leave me alone!" This time, it is another bogus spam complaint. We are awaiting an answer as to what the offending "spam" was and who complained. We do have an opt-in list of activists; I have saved all the opt-ins, and if a mole opted in and then filed a bogus complaint, I will find this person and sue for damages. The sister site,, which I own, has been shut down due to a Diebold demand.

Here are the book chapters that "whoever it is" keeps trying to block your access to:

Black Box Voting
Chapter 1: A Call to Engage
Chapter 2: Documentation of Miscounted Elections
Chapter 3: Solutions

Monday, October 20, 2003

Costikyan on "Piracy" Greg Costikyan speaking the truth about the attempts to "fix" the "piracy" "problem." An excerpt: The whole "antipiracy" thing is not ultimately about preserving the rights of artists. It's about preserving the value of intermediaries who have already fucked over the artist. And from a purely ethical perspective, I don't see why the intermediaries have a leg to stand on. And another week begins. I want reaverxvx to be in ArtSpike. Doing that would mean many things. Having a side job as a writer in a small-town newsletter is really.

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