Saturday, August 23, 2003

This message is from Code::Chino's away message:

"The reason the kids in the DnD club were all beanie-heads is because these games take BRAINS to play. In a game where combat scenes can dilate game-time by a factor of 10 and require and ungodly number of die rolls, anyone who's not sharp as a tack with numbers, probability, and record keeping is going to go back to their Nintendo and play Ghosts-n-Goblins." -- some dude

Auto response from HaVoK1515 (Idle 6 hours 13 minutes at 1:03:43 PM August 23 2003): Yesterday was a good example of my shit luck. I began the day by half-consciously turning off my alarm, therefore allowing myself to sleep in and be late for work. This was followed by having to stay two additional hours on the only weekend night that I had a chance to have fun on (I got out at 1 - the stores stop selling beer at 1 - you get the idea). Then, almost as if it was a sent message from heaven itself, some random guy throws his trash on the hood of my car when I pull up to a stoplight. Who the hell does that - c'mon..... This was all topped off by opening my bedroom door up to find one of my roomates licking pooter in the hall.....which was kinda funny - but it freaked me out at first. I would not wish my life upon anyone - except maybe for the guy who threw the trash on my car.....

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