Saturday, April 19, 2003

Hmm, I just spent a night at Wolf's house.

Sunday, April 13, 2003

why not off-campus: for like bills, paper towels, dish soap, vacuum repair,
Friend's webpages:

krazyblondcat: I'm not tall
krazyblondcat: and I have both of my breasts

PTEDAYZE (10:24:12 PM): in your dreams
PTEDAYZE (10:24:17 PM): I wouldnt even know how

Link from Fragile: Paradigm Performance Specs

Theoretical Question: Suppose I turn down a group of 8 people for acompanyment to dinner because I am eating later. When 3 hours passes, and I leave to eat, inviting each one of them to eat with me(knowing they've already ate), which is the greater politeness offense.
  1. The first invitation by 8 and turn down by 1
  2. The second invitation by 1 and turn down by 8

I just called Kanarde. He said, If I wanted to do anything I could join him at dinner at 5pm. We talked and then he told me how had to get off the phone so he could finish his english paper.
--Note: Is the only social engagement that Lena friend's can have with me: free dinner in the dining hall?. ----

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