Friday, May 02, 2003

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Monday, April 28, 2003

SHOUTcast D.N.A.S. Status
SHOUTcast Server Version 1.9.2/win32
Monk's Winamp Control Center
Jon's   (Wolf) webpages:

Ohio813 (10:40:33 PM): my family becomes stranger and stranger as i get older
Ohio813 (10:40:56 PM): i want to invent a gold machine
ELF6788 (10:40:56 PM): mine certainly does
Emily F (10:41:15 PM): i'm sure if you put your mind to it you can ;-)


From Jon W's LiveJournal:
Jon: Lesson learned? Study everything they
*don't* go over.


ReaverXvX: so this girl i was rain hopping with
ReaverXvX: is a huge Bebop fan


Ph34127h3W01f (2:27:18 PM): hey this is Ryan,
IM my SN
Ph34127h3W01f (2:27:28 PM): i am remoted
into my comp right now

ReaverXvX (2:29:04 PM): aahh!
ReaverXvX (2:29:07 PM): hehe i like this
ReaverXvX (2:29:14 PM): it allows me to download
music to my computer
ReaverXvX (2:29:17 PM): when i'm not there
ReaverXvX (2:29:20 PM): it roxorz


[01:03] <Hal_2000> do be do be do
[01:21] <Wagner-> WELL FUCK YOU TOO...fucking
asshole, thinks it can mumble pointlessly
whenever it god damn fucking well pleases


[17:09] <MasterRabbi> dude, josh and
mark haven't gone to class, and have done
nothing but play CS
[17:10] <Ph34127h3W01f> lol
[17:10] <Ph34127h3W01f> awesome
[17:10] <Ph34127h3W01f> maybe josh is cooler
than I thought
[17:10] <MasterRabbi> it confuses me, they all
the sudden just liked games


Quote from Slashdot on Longhorn operating system:

I wouldn't mind if they delay their release. The longer
they wait the more chance Linux has to succeed.
It's just like IE vs Netscape - Netscape took too long
with Mozilla and now IE is everywhere. 
With the balance of their eggs in the server
basket MS has no inclination to fortify the client
side. That is not until IE 7 as been fully re-written
using the .NET framework... Can you say
"embedded WinForms?"

-dave cline
Fiduciary Licence Agreement (FLA)
Securing the legal aspects of Free Software has
become increasingly central recently and its
significance increases with more and more people
coming to realize the benefits of Free Software.

Most visible are certainly the spectacular cases,
like Jon Johansen, who was dragged to court in 
Norwegen on order of the US media lobby, a case 
that quickly began revolving around the central
question of whether buying a DVD in a store entitles
someone to also view it. [1]
When Microsoft bought FoxPro in 1992, its goal was
simply to hurt market-leader Borland. The history of
FoxPro since then is a perfect case study of how
monopoly machinations in the software industry have
absolutely nothing to do with developing good software
and everything to do with control of the market.[2]
[1] EFF "Free Jon Johansen" campaign
Visit this site
[2]Wine HQ - WWN Issue #167
Visit this site

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