Monday, June 17, 2002
and is my home ip address. John can access it through remote admin

Sunday, June 16, 2002

what if we owned this condo? hehe fun!

and some really nice places to visit. i most def. need to remember this spot in Boca florida       florida's water its worth saving
Strategy, determination, and a strong-hearted will to succeeed, hmmph sound a little evil
Wow, its over a week since school has been out for me. I need to start watching tv again. I haven't logged more than 1 hour a week since school got out. And i hardly use computers anymore except for email and occasional random web surfing. My desktop computer has been disassembled in a storage closet for 6 months now. And i haven't used my laptop once since being home. I think i had a good regularity in my life before, doing night-time updates of my website. I'm currently thinking about a website: I will need a good map of the USA and some red dots.

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