Friday, April 11, 2003

Example of how I get blown off by Lina-associated people:

Ohio813 (6:18:32 PM): marketpointe at siddall eventually?
TwixsterRules (6:18:48 PM): ya eventually
Ohio813 (6:24:04 PM): how was your day?
TwixsterRules (6:25:04 PM): good

--Note how he did not ask me how my day was. ----
TwixsterRules (6:38:08 PM): hey, actually peanut and i are going out to eat
Ohio813 (6:38:19 PM): oh, ok
TwixsterRules (6:38:38 PM): ttyl

--Note how how quickly i was deserted to eat by myself and without a friend anymore. ----

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